Development and Manufacturing of Performance/Enhancement Products


Dynojet Research is uniquely positioned to support its customers worldwide. Partnerships with industry-leading companies in over 25 countries assures that local technical support for the customer is always available. This continued commitment to being a world-class supplier has led to more than 1800 installations worldwide.

Dynojet Research, Inc. is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of performance enhancement products and tools. Our fuel management and diagnostic products, coupled with our personalized services, give you the resources to maximize performance and increase efficiency. With over a decade of experience, Dynojet has relied on state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best products available. Our philosophy stands behind the belief that our customers are number one. Individualized attention is given so that you can take full advantage of the products we offer. Because of this philosophy, we guarantee high credibility, consistency, and customer satisfaction. With Dynojet, we invite you to put our products to the test.

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