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Dyno Tuning Dyno Tuning Dyno Tuning Dyno Tuning

At Race Bike Services, we offer advanced dyno testing and tuning, which will allow us to ensure that your motorcycle is tuned correctly.

What is Dyno tuning?

The importance of fuel and ignition tuning cannot be overstated. When you modify your motorcycle's engine, exhaust, or intake, the fuel requirements will change.

Dyno Tuning is measuring air fuel ratio across all rev ranges.

A Dyno will read air/fuel ration on all brands and makes of motorcycles.

Why do you need a Dyno Tune?

Most bikes after modifications e.g. new exhaust, air filter, etc, these can throw your air/fuel ratios out and inhibit your motorcycle from running at its optimum.

Carburetors and basic E.F.I. systems cannot compensate for this change on their own, and you will risk loss of performance, or even worse, catastrophic engine failure.

Race Bike Services Dyno tune brings the air/fuel ratios back to their optimum levels for smooth and optimal power delivery.

Why are we different?

We take the time and do it correctly. We create maps for all throttle percentages in every gear.

All our clients get a before and after report to compare the differences.

We also the use the Dyno as a diagnostic tool e.g. fuelling issues, misfires and flat spots, etc.

Our tuning capabilities can make your engine run at its peak while giving you peace-of-mind.

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