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Most riders believe they will void their warranty if they do their own servicing or if they take their bike to a mechanic, rather than their dealer.

However, the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 prevents automotive dealers tying you into servicing or voiding your warranty if the service is done by a mechanic.

Here at Race Bike Services, our staff are highly skilled in servicing most makes and models of motorcycles.

We go that extra mile to ensure that your motorcycle is serviced to the highest standard and we cover more avenues than the general garage. From our minor service which has a 22 point check with lubes and adjustments and of course new oil & filter, right through to our major service which has all the above and more including correcting your valve clearances.

All our services use genuine parts and consumables or their equivalent, or even better.

Why would we put your bike engine at risk by using inferior parts and consumables?

We run an open workshop meaning you are able to come and see what is happening to your bike whilst it is being worked on. We can provide photographic documentation if requested and we will contact you for approval of extra work if any unforeseen issues arrive whilst performing the service.

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